Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jumping Ship?

So 9 months ago, I bought a Cozmo. I've liked it a lot. And they're claiming that they will support the device for the duration of my warranty - which will expire in July of 2012. I can get my cartridges from Edgepark and I use Animas infusion sets anyway. Looks like I'm all set, I guess.

But then I imagine waiting until 2012 with no potential advancements, integrations, or updates to my pump model. Is it worth giving up a device that works great NOW to jump ship from the company? I have a perfectly good, in warranty, working pump. I hate this feeling. Shopping for an insulin pump escalates me to my most anxious level of buyers' remorse. I tell everyone here at TuD that you can't make the "wrong" decision about a pump...and yet, that's exactly what I fear doing (or fear I have already done).

I have talked on the phone with Abbott, Insulet, Animas, Medtronic... Considering my options (those links link to their Cozmo switch details). UGH. Did not want to go through the pump shopping process again this soon. Seems like some of them will have something new out in the next year. If I do the transition to these companies now - when they're offering GREAT deals - won't it be cheaper to upgrade in the long run?

My biggest concern is my Freestyle Navigator (by Abbott). I LOVE IT. It's not that I don't like the Dex, mind you. I'm just really happy with my choice of the Nav. No regrets there! But with Smiths out of the running and Abbott not talking about their pump development yet or endorsing any one particular pump as far as future integrations are concerned, I'm frustrated (as my three calls to Abbott this morning probably conveyed). I am waiting on a call back from Abbott corporate now. None of their customer care reps are authorized to say much. It's not that I want to know who's integrating with the Nav. I just want to know who is not going to be Nav-friendly. I don't want to jump on over to a Ping and find out with their next model that I would have to get a Dexcom in order to take advantage of all its great features. That's part of why I left Medtronic. Not worth paying for a pump that was integrated with a product I wasn't planning to use. So what then...the Pod? Perhaps. Their reps can at least tell me that they're open to integrating the use of both Abbott and Dex.

Just wanted to vent. Thanks to all those who listen / comment / make suggestions / empathize / etc.

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