Friday, January 16, 2009

I Can No Haz Buzzy

My Cozmo pump has a feature called "disconnect" where you can anticipate the basal insulin you're going to miss during the time you're disconnected and take it ahead of time. For a shower, I usually activate the feature for 15 minutes. It alerts you when the time is up in case you were to forget to reconnect.

This morning, I left the pump (in vibrate mode) on the bathroom counter and took a long shower.

After the 15 minutes was up, I heard it vibrating (buzz buzz buzz) and ignored it.

Washing out the conditioner (buzz buzz buzz),
shaving my legs (buzz buzz buzz).

Meanwhile, my fat black cat creeps closer. (buzz buzz buzz)
He's a ninja. (jingle jingle)
With a bell. (buzz buzz buzz)

I hear the little cup with my wedding ring hit the floor.
(buzz buzz buzz) (jingle jingle)

(buzz buzz CRASH)
I look out of the shower and my pump is lying face down on the tile.

Thank goodness those things can take a hit.
Doesn't he look satisfied?
Ninja, I tell you.

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