Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cleo? More like Clean-off!

I am so sick of the Cleo 90. How is it that the little bastards rub off like cheap band-aids (yes, my sugar is over 300 right now - what do you mean I'm being b*tchy? what's it to you?!), but the gray-gunk adhesive skidmarks stay forever?

This is the third one I've had fall out and leave me dangerously high with no fricking warning - and I've only been wearing them for 2 and a half weeks! I've had another five that came off with the insertion device. If I see one more of those little purple f'ers tonight, I'm liable to hurt someone.


k2 said...

OK - You need to call the company and not only bitch, but get them to send you more Cleo's free of charge.
Plus the more complaints that are logged, the more they are likely to actually make the changes needed.

I was at an event last month, as was Hannah from Dorkabetic and the Rep told us(actually Hannah, I was just listening & being supportive) that the company had switched adhesives a few months ago & have been hearing about this problem ever since. Email Hannah and chat about the situation.
Good Luck!

Cherise said...